Are you looking for a space to conduct your next retreat or workshop in a peaceful and serene environment? Look no further than Swan Business Centre! While our primary focus is providing professional conference and business spaces, we also offer a multifunctional centre that is available for hire on weekends.

Our facilities are perfect for a variety of retreats, including silent retreats, day workshops, and even the adventurous Wim Hof retreat with an outdoor water tap, large patio, and changing rooms. Our well-equipped centre can accommodate all your needs and ensure that your retreat is a success.

In addition to the stunning surroundings and comfortable facilities, we also offer on-site accommodation, parking, and a beautiful garden area for walking and reflection. And if you need a treatment room for training or other purposes, we’ve got you covered.

At Swan Business Centre, we understand that every retreat is unique, which is why we’re open to discussions to ensure that we meet all your requirements. For more information or to book your next retreat, contact Sheila today!